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Now Playing... STAND TALL

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  • 01.
    Stand Tall
  • 02.
  • 03.
    Try Me
  • 04.
    Secret Summer
  • 05.
    Flowers From India
  • 06.
    Come Clean
  • 07.
    Pretty Face
  • 08.
    Wrong Time
  • 09.
  • 10.
    No Excuses
  • 11.
    Don't Stand in My Way
  • 12.
    Thank You For Last Night
see inside Stand Tall by Rebecca Helmer
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Written and Recorded by Rebecca Helmer.
Produced by Rebecca Helmer and Matt Tutor. Photography - Amanda Swain, Laura Breeden

©Copyright, Rebecca Helmer. BMI. All Rights Reserved, Unauthorized Duplication Strictly Prohibited. Lyrics, Music, and Composition by Rebecca Helmer.