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"She's no one-trick-pony..." Did you know Rebecca Helmer is a published author and illustrator? Get copies for your young dreamers on Amazon!


"Silky smooth vocals, smart lyrics, robust guitar, & whimsical piano that's altogether adorable and sexy." -CdBaby


PLAYGROUND - "A fun, flirty, playful love song..."


Rebecca's sultriest full length album available now!

 Stream Rebecca! 

"I listened... and it sounds like melted butter." - Mark, Los Angeles, CA

"Each track boasts Helmer's clear voice, which soars seemingly effortlessly. Completing and complementing is the guileless, gliding guitar... Helmers shows are delightful." - The Barometer, Corvallis, OR MORE

"The triple threat that the music industry needs... looks, talent, and music from the heart!" - Frank, Bronx, NY

To keep up with Rebecca Helmer, you would have needed to start singing at an early age, mastered a musical instrument shortly thereafter, and all the while flexed your creativity with songwriting. This woman's going places..." - PdXaminder, Portland, OR MORE

"Captivating, intriguing, and strongly feminine. There's a magical quality that can only come from a soulful place." - Cassidy, Nashville, TN

"Such an amazing singer and gifted songwriter... You truly have what it takes to be a star" - Jacob, Seattle, WA

"You stopped me cold. What a powerful voice you have." - John, Huntington Beach, CA

"Ya got me. Your music moved me. It was warm, tender, and playful." - Larry, Federal Way, WA

"You make good music. Now that's hot!" - Steve, Seattle, WA

"Charming, lyrical, and lovely. You have some special talent." - Enrico, New York, NY

"I can't tell you how much I love your voice. I'm just blown away by the width of it." - Gerald, Portland, OR

"A very soulful, and extremely captivating voice..." - Jeff, Gastonia, North Carolina